Push Button Catapult Dog Treat Launcher! Ready, Aim, Shoot Out Your Dog Snacks!



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The Diggity Dog Description:

Hot Diggity Dog!  Now, this is a must-have.  Launch dog treats into the air and your dog will chase them.  The dogs love this gadget.  You can put your preference of treats in the chamber and pull the trigger and wow, watch them shoot out and fly.  These will make your dog get some exercise for sure.  The kids will also really enjoy playing with the dog and this crazy catapult.  This toy also has a serious side. You can use it to train with. Dogs respond to the way the treats come out very well and will work hard to get them.  Good Dog! Try one of these snack shooters for your pup.

Type: Dogs
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Item Type: Catapult Launcher