Dog Seat Belt (Safety Necessity!)


Why The Diggity Dog Loves It:

Pet safety necessity! Dogs must be buckled up too, and now they can be! Help keep your furry friend the safest they can be! These seat belts buckle into the existing seat belt in your car and attach to the D-ring on the dog's harness.  Please do not attach to a collar as it would choke or hurt the trachea of your dog.  By attaching it to a harness your dog won't go flying off the seat in an accident. They do have an adjustable length for the best fit.  We carry these in multiple colors so they will match any car interior or vest harness you may have. Accidents do happen, so it's better to be safe. We priced these just right, so everyone can buy one.  We love every dog and want all of them to be safe!


Feature: Breakaway, Quick Release
Type: Seat Belts
Material: Nylon
Item: Dog Car Travel Seat Belt
Please note: There are 2 kinds of locks