My Lil Duster


The Diggity Dog Description:

We wanted to bring you this convenient little vacuum cleaner to make cleaning up the dog hair easier.  Dog fur is hard to sweep and difficult to get off of furniture.  So we added the small vacuum with its bristles to get in small spaces making life easier.

Manufacturers description:

Your solution to portable and efficient cleaning - My Lil Duster My Lil Duster is a uniquely designed handheld vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean places where the usual vacuum cleaner would possibly fail. This device has very powerful suction and comes with multi-flex tube-like elongated bristles that help dislodge dirt from surfaces while cleaning. You are able to use this device without cords trailing behind you limiting you to where you can take this cordless cleaning machine. Cleaning it is easy too. How it's Different from Competitors: Usually when one looks at a really compact device used for vacuum cleaning the first thing that might come to mind is the high possibility of the device not having any power whatsoever. This can actually even be true when it comes to some compactly made devices, tending to make them quite useless in delivering results that one might be looking for. However, My Lil Duster has been carefully built so that it is not only compact but also powerful enough to yield the desired results required around your house. This makes it uniquely different than more conventional vacuum cleaners that equate size to power. Can be used everywhere – There are somewhere you can’t clean clearly with normal tools, but not with this one, you can use it to clean your draw, corners, even your pets. Easy to use – Just connect this to your vacuum and you can clean as seen as on TV, flexible tubes, strong suction, and long size all of this can impress you deeply. Good performance – when you did your cleaning work with this you would be happy for your purchasing, and you will be amazed for what it has done. Save your time – No need to move objects anymore, flexible tubes can fix all. Long and flexible tubes have access to any deep corners, no longer need to do more job. Lithium technology provides strong suction and extended run time, 1.5AH Increased bowl capacity, washable bowl and filter Crevice tool for hard to reach areas and brush for upholstery Multi flexy mouth design for small debris and cyclonic action helps keep the filter clean and suction strong Lightweight and portable design. 10 hrs, Power Rating: 10.8