"Messy Hair Don't Care" Girl Dog T-Shirt XS-L 🐕👚



The Diggity Dog Description: 

Does your fur baby need another t-shirt?  The Diggity Dog thought this shirt was cute. So we brought it to you at a nice low price.  Every dog likes to have a few T's to kick around in.  Nothing fancy, just practical.  Machine wash and sizes XS - L  


         Back                  Neck                   Bust 
XS     7.48/19CM       7.87/20CM       12.60/32CM
S       9.45/24CM       9.06/23CM       14.17/36CM
M      12.20/31CM     12.60/32CM     17.32/44CM
L       14.17/36CM     13.39/34CM     18.11/46CM