Anchor Print Dog Bed Bundle

World of Angus


The Diggity Dog Description:

Want Sweet dreams for your fur baby?

These are probably the best dog beds you will ever find. Soft and comfortable. 

Durable and downy.

We are pretty sure you will want one for yourself.

Order one for your baby today!

The Limited Edition Anchor Print Dog Bed from World of Angus.

Perfect for the medium-sized dog who enjoys a nautical theme. This limited edition bed is a special size of 34"x 24", made from our premium human grade memory foam. At the special price of $199, they won't last long.

What's with the special size? OK, so every once and a while a mistake is made. A shipment of our medium-sized beds was missing a few inches off the width. Instead of 34x26, we were delivered 34x24.

Oops, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, instead of scrapping the lot, we decided to do several limited-edition bundles at a special price. This is the first of four designs. Perfect for summer, right? Let us know what you think!

Exclusive to World of Angus.

100% machine washable.