Adjusting Dog Muzzle In 7 Sizes. Plastic & Strong Basket Design. Great For After Surgeries!

$12.08 $17.08

The Diggity Dog Description:
Dogs hate muzzles and so do we, but sometimes they are very necessary.  One of those times, (besides biting behavior), is after surgery.  Dogs like to lick and chew at their wounds, and this is an alternative to the Elizabethan collar. Also, some dogs have a condition called Pica in which they eat rocks, and other unsavory dangerous things, causing them to require immediate surgery.  These muzzles will protect them from eating things they shouldn't, at moments you cannot watch them carefully.  We know from experience.  Muzzles can be a great tool to have in your emergency kit.  Order one today.

Feature: Breakaway
Type: Muzzles
Pattern: Solid
Material: Silicone
Collar Type: Dog Muzzle
Size:: 1-7
Color: Beige, Black
Function:: Prevent bite, bark and eat unclean food