Handmade Resin Wiener Dog Sculptures So Cute!


$57.40 $86.10

The Diggity Dog Description:

Do you need the perfect gift for your Weiner dog friend?  We at the Diggity Dog found it!  Introducing this handcrafted, handpainted Dachshund figurine.  It is sleek and modern looking.  It looks like a rendition of a Picasso painting.  The clean, simple lines make it stand out.  This statuette will last forever and become a beloved generational piece of art.  Order Today!  There is a limited quantity on this cutie. 


Material: Resin
Regional Feature: Europe
Customized: Yes
Colour: Black and White
Craftsmanship: Handmade Carving and Painted
Item Name: Dachshund Figure Sausage Dog Miniature