Waterproof Warm Electric Mats For Dogs



Why The Diggity Dog Loves It:

Ahhhh, we can hear your dog now!  Heating pads are wonderful for dogs. Do you have an elderly dog who has arthritis in their hips and joints?  Or Do you swim and bath your dog a lot?  Well, these waterproof mats are great for warming them up after a bath or a swim. For older dogs, they ease some of their pain and loosens up stiff muscles.  Your old dog will thank you, and be rarin' to go. Many of our Diggity Dog clients love using heating pads for their dogs, so pick one up and give it a try, we are sure your dog will love it!



Measurements: 40x60cm

Weight: 346g

Item Type: Bed Mats
Type: Dogs
Wash Style: other
Material: PVC
Color: White, Pink