Meet The Pack

Meet The Pack

We love showing off your dogs, especially on their birthdays.  So please enjoy reading their bio's and pictures and get to know your Diggity Dog  friends


Meet Bonnie Blue

.a dog sitting in the grass

                     Bonnie was rescued at about or 5 years old, 6 years ago. She was rescued from an animal hoarders home.  The conditions she was living in were horrible. The dogs were never let outside, it was filthy dirty, and they were covered in fleas and sores. Poor Bonnie was at the very bottom of the pack and was picked on all the time.  It took Bonnie 2 years in her new home to wag her tail.  It took her 3 years to bark.  Although she is still fearful with new dogs or people, she is much braver and happy.  Her current mom loves her to pieces 


                                         Meet Bindi                                 


                    a large brown dog lying on the floor

 Bindi was rescued from a puppy mill in Minnesota.  When she arrived to Seattle Washington after being adopted sight-unseen, she was pretty timid. She was still a puppy though, and all of her fearfulness began to fade away over the months.  She is now living in Seattle, and spends her summers in British Columbia Canada, on the beach.  Her dad says he couldn't live without her.  She is the love of his life. 

Meet The Pack