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August 2019

The Dog Days of Summer 

By Laura Campbell                                               

a star in the sky


We have come to the dog days of summer as they say.  What does that mean?  I have never known, so I decided to look it up and find out.  

The Romans are the ones who came up with the saying.  “dies canicular” meaning dog days. It was not, as I assumed connected to the heat.  It is because the star Sirius is the brightest at this time of summer.  Sirius is the biggest star in the constellation of Canis Major, which means Large dog. Sirius was the most massive star in that constellation and so was known as the “Dog Star.” I love these wonderfully hot days and warm nights. The smell of barbeques wafting through the air, the distant sound of children laughing, a dog barking on a porch. It seems as if the whole neighborhood is content and happy outside. As if we are one, together in quiet, warm duskiness. You begin to cool down from the day, and the dogs start to wake up and become alive after a long hot day of snoozing, just too hot to move. It is also a time of summer when I love to take my dog to the lake. We peacefully and quietly swim in the dark water. On my skin, It is so refreshing and silky.  The light of the stars and the moon shimmers off the water.  My dog is always happy swimming next to me until I tire and sit in the shallows gazing at the stars. The dog ever expects me to throw the ball, but I am careful not to throw it too far out. I don’t like my dog swimming alone in the dark. I worry. Inevitably she comes back to shore and shakes, breaking the peace, breaking the magical moment of the night.  We go home, cold and tired. I love the Dog Days of summer.   

 a sky view looking up at night


Did You Know?

 Fun Facts from The Diggity Dog: 

Laura Munro 

Bloodhounds can smell one drop of sweat and find out where it is in a city the size of Philadelphia and can follow a trail 130 miles long and 300 feet high.


 a dog sitting in the grass

  The bloodhound's ears and wrinkly folds of skin around its neck help trap the odor molecules and waft them towards their talented 300 million scent cells.  They have very thick muscular necks that help them to keep their noses on the ground for long periods.  The Bloodhound is the top of the pack when it comes to smell.  Bloodhounds are the only dog that can legally submit evidence to a court of law.  That’s how good those noses are! 


  • Did you know that puppies have 24 teeth and adults have a whopping 42But those puppy teeth are so sharp it sure feels as if they have 42 shark teeth!  


  • Did you know that dogs can get jealous? Sadly they can.  It is one of the humans strongest emotions, so why wouldn’t a dog get jealous.  So be kind when around other dogs and giving them affection.  Your dog might get a little worried about your loyalty to them.   


  • It’s a fact; there are 150 breeds of dogs, divided into eight classifications.  Sporting, Terrier,  Working, Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding, and the miscellaneous category.


 a brown and white dog lying on the ground

                                               Could those be the mutts?   


  • Did you know that the African Hunting dog is the most successful mammal on land hunter on the planet?  It can catch 50-70% of its hunts consistently. Sadly the African Hunting dog is on the edge of extinction with only 6000 left.  We included a link to learn more or are interested in donating to the World Wildlife Fund. 

https://www.awf.org/wildlife-conservation/african-wild-dog a dog standing on a dry grass field


Eight Breeds That Are Great For Seniors: 


  1. Maltese 

  2. Chihuahua 

  3. Yorkshire Terrier 

  4. Pomeranian 

  5. Shih-Tzu 

  6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

  7. French Bulldog 

  8. West Highland White Terrier 

To find out more about the eight great senior dogs, jump on over to



The Body Language of Dogs 

Haven’t you wished your dog could talk?  I know I have.  I want to know how their day was, or which park they like better, or where it hurts.  But we can’t. What we can do is pay close attention to the body language they are displaying. Using body language is how dogs communicate with other animals and us. Many of a dog’s language seems the same as another species, but that same posture in a cat can mean something entirely different in a dog. Dog’s emotions can be read quite well if you know what signs to look for.   

Researchers have picked out eight emotions dogs’ have and how their body actions can show you how they are feeling.  Some of these are pretty obvious, others you may surprise you.  


  • Happiness- When a dog is happy, their ears are up, and their tail is in its natural position relaxed and down.   


  • Playful- Now, this one is easy. A vigorous tail wag shows playful.  Dogs wagging their tails may be followed by a lick, or by giving you their ball or toys.   


  • Anger- anger in your dog is also easy to spot.  Some of the body language includes baring of the teeth, a low growl, or standing in a stiff posture.  Some dogs may also look as if they are ready to lunge, by being back on their haunches and prepared to spring forward. 


  • Alert- When a dog's ears are pricked up, and their eyes are wide, and they seem focused, that is their alert posture. Sometimes, they may even tilt their head towards the sound to identify what it is.  


  • Fearful- Fearful dogs may vary in their body language surrounding this emotion.  Many dogs will tuck their tails between their legs, lower their heads and get low, walking away in a skulking manner.  Other dogs may roll on their backs, baring their belly’s. Others may bark or growl and become aggressive.  If you get to know the dog, you will recognize their fearful response. 


  • Vulnerable- When a dog rolls over on its back and exposes their belly, they are usually feeling unsafe or unsure of the situation.  When this behavior is displayed, a dog may need a little more attention to make them feel more secure. 


  • Anxious- Anxiety in dogs isn’t too hard to spot.  Usually, a dog won’t make direct eye contact, pace, and have sweaty paws.  Not too different from a human's sweaty palms. Panting can also be an indication.   


  • Relieved- if a dog is feeling relieved, they have their head in a natural position, and their eyes are soft with ears regular, loose, and floppy. This is true for both up-eared and down-eared dogs.  


 a small brown and white dog looking at the camera


Back To School. Dogs Say, "What a bummer"   Get them a new toy

It is the first week in August, for some kids, that means school is right around the corner, and for dogs that means long days when the kids are gone.  They may get lonesome and wonder where everyone has gone.  Now is a great time to pick up one of our interactive toys.  Interactive toys make dog’s use their brains, keeping them busy and missing their people a little less.  We are offering them at 20% off for the rest of August and through September 15th.  So, pick one up soon! 

Here are a few examples of Interactive Toys: 

The Puzzle Treat Ball 

We Call this toy a Puzzle Treat Ball is a treat ball that doubles as a puzzle. The treat is hiding, and the pup has to find it, to eat it.  

 Only $5.00!  

 a cake shaped like a dog


The Snuffle Mat                                                                                 

Also on sale is a Snuffle Mat. Snuffle mats are great to keep your puppy busy.  They can rip, scratch, chew, and try to tear up the mat, getting all of their puppy angst out. For older dogs, this is a great tool for learning how to use their noses to find things.  Hide a treat and watch them rub their face in the soft mat. 

           Only $17.99-29.99! 

 a teddy bear sitting on top of a blanket

Self Rolling Ball 

  This ball is battery activated and will roll around on the floor by itself.  It is durable and will entertain your dog for hours.    

  Only $12.99


a dog sitting on a table





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