Back To School, Back To Being Alone. (How to keep your dog busy during the school day.)

Back To School, Back To Being Alone. (How to keep your dog busy during the school day.)

Back To School Can Mean A Lonely Dog

September 2019

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The light is fading faster, the air is getting cooler, and kids are chomping at the bit to go back to school.  This can be a big transition time for dogs.  Because many family members stay home during the summer, our furry friends have gotten used to us being home with them.  Dog's, unfortunately, do not know that life is going to change, so making a smooth transition is important to keep your pet happy.  We have some great ideas, not just for your dog, but for you too, if you are feeling wistful about saying goodbye to summer 2019.

1. Give your dog a long walk in the morning before school or work.  This gives the dog the exercise they need so that they are worn out and ready to settle down while you are away.  The afternoon walk can be a long one as well, but the morning is the most important.

2. For the first few days, consider leaving on a radio or television for them.  They will be able to hear human voices which will quiet their anxiety. 

3. A weighted blanket or vest may also come in handy.  We have found that using these for the first couple of days alone, relieves their anxiety.  After a few days, they will settle into the new routine and not need it anymore.  

4. A mid-day dog walker or visitor can also break up the long days.  There are many new dog walking services that you don't have to make a commitment to. 

5. New toys!  This is, of course, the best way to manage boredom. Dogs love mental stimulation.  In other words, they love to use their brains.  Interactive toys are the best for this task.  We at the Diggity Dog Store have lots of interactive toys to keep your furry friend busy.  


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Self Rolling Ball- On Sale For $12.88

 These balls are battery operated and roll around all by themselves.  The outer cover can be taken off and washed, so use it as a floor cleaner too! (we're kidding.) This toy will keep them happy. 


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Treat Ball Dispensers -19.99

These are wonderful! They roll around and when it rolls the right way, a treat will come out.  This keeps the dog busy because of the possibility of a treat.  

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Hidden Treat Ball - $11.20

Self rolling hidden treat ball, is great for keeping dogs busy.  The dog has to roll the ball the right way to get the treat to come out.  It is also fun for them to chase, while it moves around on it's own. 

a cake shaped like a dog

Have a look at our other Interactive Toys in our Diggity Dog Store Toy section.

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